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Dust - free wood shavings, sawdust, woodchip and animal bedding

Don't have the right animal bedding? It won't be long before health issues start to appear. At Sloan Transport, we provide cattle, equine and poultry bedding for clients across Ireland and the UK. Fast, and easily affordable. Contact our team in Dromore to arrange delivery.

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Our bedding, shaving and sawdust products include: 

Equestrian bedding:

  • Soft white shavings

  • Halmac fine flakes

  • Bedmax dust free shavings

  • Kiln dried sawdust ideal for mats

  • Allbed / Woodchip

Cattle bedding:

  • Soft wood sawblade sawdust

  • Dried fine white sawdust

  • Tippers and walking floor loads

  • Kiln dried bales of sawdust

  • 66 bales per pallet

  • Lime mix available on request


Poultry shavings:

  • Fine white soft wood shavings

  • (MP) approved supplier

  • Help lower hock burn

  • We specialise in the spreading of poultry houses

Game bird bedding:

  • We also supply Bedmax, suitable for game bird bedding

We at Sloan Transport offer quick, dependable, and competitively priced freight transportation to customers within Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. We offer a same-day and next-day delivery services.



Want to ensure your animals have a cosy night?


At Sloan Transport, we provide shavings and sawdust suitable for animal bedding, including cattle, equine and poultry bedding. 


We also sell Bedmax products dust-free and kiln dried, you can find out more about their products here.


Our animal bedding products ranging from white wood shavings, mixed wood shaving bales and sawdust products are all available for collection or delivery. Give us a ring to find out how we can help you.

All our vehicles are maintained by our in-house team and we can help you to maintain yours too. To find out how we could help service your commercial vehicle, call us now.

Better animal bedding means better hygiene

To place your order, call Sloan Transport in Dromore on

028 9753 2589

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